Shall I start by telling you the story of a past? A past where mother was synonymous with God and to be female was to be an intrinsic ingredient of the divine? Of a time when women spoke and nations sat down to listen and when giving birth held the same esteem as dying in battle? When women were not seen as separate from a society's success but their encouragement and inclusion as a foundational feature of it?

Maybe I should begin instead, by sharing with you a vision of the future where being a woman is to be whole, spiritually, emotionally, physically, financially, and professionally. Where being a woman is to be liberated from structures that suffocate her and instead become the leader of the creation of systems that serve her, and in turn, the world around her. Where being a woman is to ultimately be safe and empowered to be whoever, and whatever, you want to be.

Perhaps it is always better, however, to begin with the now.

This is where the F3 organization was born.Now is a time and space where the paradox of having a female identity feels to be at its breaking point. A time and space where women are passively acknowledged in the halls of institutions and isms that keep us at arm's length away from real, sustainable change and refuse to actively engage us in the conversations at their tables. In a capitalist world, the truth will always be most crystalized in the economic standing of the different demographics that call that world home. In the western world, the truth is that out of all venture capital funding distributed annually, only 3% ever reaches a woman-led or founded startup enterprise or small business. This is the problem that F3 ventures was born to solve. With an original mission of "Funding Female Founders," the F3 organization pushed through the ether as a defiant "fuck you" to the people who have stood (and continue to stand) in the way of economic empowerment and social equity for female founders. This problem of social and financial inequity exists in the now, and we, the women of F3, were unwilling to wait any longer and be denied what we can take for ourselves today.

This revelation quickly created an awareness that the need and the path to social and financial equity for women was much wider than just the lane of venture capital and includes the incubation and support of developers, engineers, investors, and people who are aligned with our vision of a future. This realization gave birth to the F3 foundation, the community outreach and nonprofit arm of the F3 organization and first sister to F3 ventures. However, to become a venture capital firm and community incubator wasn't enough. We realized that the blessing of blockchain technology is the palpable and tangible potentiality it provides and the way it lends itself to dreaming and thinking bigger. Bigger for us is not just playing by the stale rules of the dusty boardgame that is capitalism, but using tokenomics and blockchain technology to create our own financial instruments and ultimately our own utility of liberation. This was the spawning of F3 labs, our female-led and staffed firm that is working to actualize a new way to engage with currency and developing innovative ways that the world of blockchain can truly become a safe haven for all.

We operate and govern ourselves on a simple set of core values:
• Equity
• Empowerment
• Care
• TrustInclusion
• Growth
• Responsibility

This is because as millennials, Gen Z-ers, children of immigrants, and women of color, many of us have only known a world that operates with a scarcity of these things. Many of us have been personally affected and on the frontlines of the multigenerational economic, social, and cultural wars started on our communities by men who did not look like us, but gifted us the chaos and strife of their wildest dreams as inherited nightmares nonetheless. F3 is our reconstruction. It is our reconciliation. It is our rehabilitation. It is our incremental and strategic attack on patriarchy and supremacy. It is our declaration of war against the matrix of social injustice. It is our safe place, our haven, our home. It is our rebirth as individuals, as sisters, and as a community. It is our reclamation, regeneration, and cultural restart. It is the way we choose to rebuild matriarchy.